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Reasonable layout of automatic assembly line in
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Modern production cannot be separated from the intelligent production line. How to carry out a relatively reasonable production line layout in a limited space is related to the production efficiency, workers' operating environment, and the appearance of the workshop. As designers, we cannot afford to pay attention to it.
Using 3 d design software, in a relatively short period of time for the enterprise to provide layout reference, and according to the recommendation economy applicable various automated assembly line production technology, has always been the core value of nanjing institute of katyn, save and reasonable use of every inch of ground (including spatial field), save and make full use of every penny of enterprise investment, Nanjing Hanting has been unremitting efforts. What we value is the improvement of production efficiency, the reduction of production cost and the improvement of production efficiency brought by automatic assembly line equipment for customers.
From production and assembly to product testing and packaging, Nanjing Hanting can provide customers with one-stop solutions. Nanjing Hanting uses a variety of varieties and specifications of automatic assembly line to provide support for customers to achieve intelligent production.

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