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Zhongshan Gelai Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Gelai Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of automation equipment, the main products are: LED lamps and lanterns production and assembly equipment, LED lamps and lanterns aging testing equipment, driving power aging equipment, home appliances conveying assembly line, home appliances aging testing equipment, logistics conveying line suspension line, chain plate conveying line drying line, chain plate line series, assembly line series, double speed chain production line series, Home appliance conveying assembly line, roller production line series, wave soldering series, LED aging line equipment, etc.
The company always adhere to the "excellence, service first" business strategy, with technology, efficiency, integrity of the spirit of service, from a high degree of professional knowledge, process technology as the core ability, to provide with reliable quality, simple use, energy saving and environmental protection of high quality automation equipment products, in order to achieve customers to create profits as the goal. Based on the vital interests of the market and customers, common development as the huge advantage of the platform, with the courage to take the lead in the world and the spirit of continuous innovation, has developed a stable and reliable variety of automation, semi-automation series products, won the recognition and trust of the majority of customers. With the development and needs of the process of international economic integration, the company with technical strength and product quality, through a huge network system, the products have been exported to many countries abroad.
Company with modern enterprise management is the management pattern, through various departments including research and development department, department, production department, after-sales department, purchasing department, the department, warehouse department, finance department, sales department and so on department's cooperation, we advocate honesty flexible, simple, efficient and optimistic dedicated passion entrepreneurial culture, we are committed to using technology to provide a better experience and service, To become the industry's leading automation equipment manufacturer in the new automation industry, and strive to grow with customers to achieve a win-win situation!

Our Vision

Intelligent manufacturing overall solution provider

Our Mission

Make the convenience of intelligent manufacturing more popular

Our Values

Sincere and trustworthy, self-criticism, innovation, mission will be achieved

Our Philosophy

Strive for this, continue to create value for customers

Our slogan

Excellence, service first

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