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What benefits can an automated assembly line bri
The publisher:admin views:697 Release time:2020/12/10 17:09:32

1. Wide coverage of assembly products & NBSP;           Regardless of the weight of the product, size, the complexity of the assembly, we all have the corresponding automation assembly line transmission solution: auto parts, instruments and meters, new energy battery delivery, we have a large belt conveyor line products, household appliances, transport, we have a very large product chain conveyor line, overweight product delivery, we have the power roller conveyor line
2, product assembly positioning error < 0.3mm, high product consistency, low rejection rate, so that the product has higher quality and cost advantages.
3. Save 50%-70% of labor, reduce labor costs and solve the problem of difficult recruitment.
4. There is almost no need for maintenance and repair, which reduces the cost of equipment shutdown overhaul and equipment maintenance staffing. How long will this maintenance-free last? Is 5-10 years enough?
5, Different types of products can be collinear assembly, save space, lean production control.
6, automatic assembly line need to upgrade, change the process, only need to increase or decrease part of the assembly line parts can be quickly realized, the equipment can be fully utilized without causing waste, save is pure profit.
7, automatic assembly line has the characteristics of anti-static, can be applied to clean workshop, low operating noise 8, ergonomic design, reduce the labor intensity of technical workers.  

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