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What is the principle of the assembly line of ho
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The assembly line of household appliances is an indispensable and important step in its production process, and the reasonable planning of assembly line can better realize the high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility and high quality of products. In the modern home appliance assembly line, because the home appliance that wants to convey is overweight, use chain board type assembly line commonly. Mature assembly process, equipment selection, quality control and logistics methods are worth learning from.
Home appliances are the key parts with the most intensive technology in the field of electromechanical. In the process of home appliances assembly, due to the diversity of assembled parts and the complexity of the process, the assembly line of home appliances is particularly important. Household appliances assembly line is a assembly line process of household appliances assembly sequence, between each station is the assembly line production, therefore, the control of each link must have high reliability and a certain sensitivity, in order to ensure the continuity and stability of production. Reasonable planning of home appliance assembly line can achieve high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility and high quality of products.
Household appliance assembly line mainly includes assembly line, assembly line, station tools and online tools. In the final assembly line and sub-assembly line, flexible transmission line is generally used in China to transport the workpiece, and automatic assembly equipment is configured online to improve the efficiency. There are two kinds of flexible conveying lines: friction roller table and start-stop power roller table. The automatic equipment of the chain plate assembly line mainly includes automatic marking machine, tightening machine, automatic turning machine and other special assembly equipment, which can greatly improve the assembly capacity of the chain plate assembly line. At present, the chain plate assembly line generally adopts the fieldbus control mode, which controls the operation of the assembly line and completes the communication between the stations through the field distribution I/O. The construction of on-site information monitoring system adopts Ethernet and other methods to complete the functions of information collection, production scheduling, station monitoring and assembly tips on the assembly line.
In the production of household appliances, chain-board assembly line is the display of the final state, final structure and final precision of household appliances, which is crucial to ensure the precision and quality of household appliances. A home appliance assembly line to ensure the assembly technical conditions of home appliances, to achieve high precision; To ensure the assembly rhythm, to achieve high efficiency; Multiple models should be assembled at the same time to achieve high flexibility; It is necessary to effectively control the assembly precision and achieve high quality. To achieve the above aspects must start from the planning of the production line.
Although a home appliance assembly line has a variety of functions, but its ultimate purpose, the most basic function is quality, quantity and according to the rhythm of the assembly of qualified home appliances, whether to have these functions, but also through the production of practice test, in the actual production of verification. New technology, new technology and new products continue to emerge, so that the home appliance assembly to intelligent, digital and visual development, the future of home appliance assembly line planning will have more choices.

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